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Reviews & Testimonials


Patti D.

Orlando, FL.

Lori and Cristina go above and beyond to care for your fur baby. They treat like they are their own. I have piece of mind knowing my girl is getting such great care everyday while I’m at work. My girl looks forward to their visit everyday.


Kaci N.

Orlando, FL.

A few months ago, I decided on getting my first puppy in about 16 years. I was very hesitant because my current work schedule. Love Your Pup was recommended to me by a friend and I am so grateful to have been introduced to Lori. After contacting Lori, Lori wanted to do a meet and greet before starting her services. That was something I really appreciated! Lori is extremely professional and loves our dogs as her own. She does a combo play time & walk with my dog and sends me updates after each visit! Lori has been with my pup since he was 3 months & now he is currently 7 months. Because of her, I'm able to go to work knowing my little guy is well taken care of. I know my dog is in great hands with Lori and I 100% will recommend her services. So, if you're looking for someone trustworthy & reliable, Love Your Pup's services is the way to go.


Michele N.

Winter Park, FL.

The Love your Pup team are amazing! Our dogs love them too! They are reliable, responsive, great with both our dogs - one older and one puppy - and very professional. Highly recommended!


Kelli A.

Maitland, FL.

Lori is a gem of a person to work with. She is very organized with her schedule and her invoicing. Above all, she is amazing with my dog. Truly, like a dog whisperer. I definitely would recommend her!

Orlando dog walker

Candice B.

Winter Park, FL.

Always reliable and they do a great job!

Tib and Elye.jpg

Linda R.

Orlando, FL.

Lori and Jonay are fantastic! I chose them because of their professional backgrounds in the hopes that this mindset would transfer to their pet care business. I have not been disappointed. They are timely, responsive, and operate their business as I would my own. This gives us the confidence that they are effective in the job they do for us. Lori and Jonay meet the care requirements of both our 3 year old and our 17 year old with ease. They cater to each as needs arise - for example, playing with the older when he is not well enough to walk, but not neglecting the walk that the younger one needs. They send texts after each visit with a report, so that I know the dogs were cared for and I don't have to worry about them. They have advised when there was an issue with one of the dogs during their stay and they have accommodated our crazy schedule without deviation from our requests. It has been a great relief to have them help with our babies. And the best part is that the dogs LOVE them! After multiple nightmare pet sitters, we cannot be happier with our relationship with Love Your Pup! And they do - both of them!


Shannon B.

Orlando, FL.

Lori does such a wonderful job taking care of our two dogs, two indoor cats, and one outdoor cat. One our kitties is "special needs" and requires shots twice a day. Lori expertly tackled this added task. We are lucky to have her.


Cat D.

Orlando, FL.

Love Your Pup is wonderful! Lori is awesome and takes such great care of my furbaby. She has been extremely accommodating when I have a change in my normal scheduling needs. The best part is my dog LOVES her. Highly recommend Love Your Pup!

Orlando dog walker

Suzanne D.

Winter Park, FL.

We have been utilizing Love Your Pup and are very pleased with their services. We have a very large yard and 3 dogs that love to utilize the entire yard for their bathroom needs. Love Your Pup has done an excellent job keeping our yard clean. They come regularly on their scheduled days at approximately the same time so I know that my dogs should be in the house at the time. We are very happy with Love Your Pup and highly recommend their services.


Melissa H.

Winter Springs, FL.

We've hired Love Your Pup to walk our dog two times per day, three days per week and they've done an excellent job. They are always on time, and our dog loves them. They are very professional and reliable, so we highly recommend this company!

Orlando dog walker

Max C.

Orlando, FL.

Love Lori and Christina. We only need dog walkers when I’m out of town for work and they always accommodate to my erratic schedule. They make payment a breeze and are wonderful with our fur babies.

Orlando dog walker

Amy M.

Orlando, FL.

Lori and Cristina are amazing! It's a comfort to know our dog is so well taken care of when they are coming to walk her. Updates with each walk give peace of mind, and our dog just loves them both. Lori is always quick to respond to requests and willing to work with our crazy schedules.

Orlando dog walker

Mark W.

Winter Springs, FL.

Very dependable and complete service; great folks; always let you know when they will be arriving; I highly recommend!


Grace S.

Orlando, FL.

We Love - Love Your Pup- Our pup is always so excited to see them!! They take such great care of our special pup. They are always so flexible and always available to help ensure Molly (our dog) is walked and taken care of, Thank you Love Your Pup!


Joy M.

Orlando, FL.

Lori and Jonay are so wonderful and my Grady just loves them both so much! We are so blessed to have found Love Your Pup!!


Kate F.

Orlando, FL.

We have come to love and depend on Lori with Love Your Pup! Lori is dependable and trustworthy. She visits our Lucy every work day and makes sure she gets a good walk and an opportunity to stretch her legs and use her nose. Lucy is a high energy dog and I know she loves her daily mid-day walks! Lucy is also a little shy with strangers but immediately took a liking to Lori. She cries some days with happiness when she hears Lori come into the house. Lori truly cares for your pup like he/she is her own and we love her for it.


Maura J.

Orlando, FL.

Lori and Jonay go above and beyond when it comes to the services they provide. They treat our pup as if she is their own. The daily updates and occasional photo mean the world to us and we couldn't feel more blessed to have found such an awesome team!


Jessica C.

Oviedo, FL.

Love Your Pup is FANTASTIC!!!!!! My dog, Shelby, is very shy around new people but she fell in love with Jonay at first sight. Love Your Pup treats every dog as if they were their own. In addition to being shy, my pup does not like walking on a leash and hates to leave our yard. However, Jonay has been amazing working with her not only on the leash but also getting her to walk down the sidewalk. We are beyond happy with our experience and we would definitely recommend this company if you are in need of a dog walking service!!!!


Chrissy N.

Orlando, FL.

When I moved to Orlando, Love Your Pup came highly recommended from my sister and her roommate who use Lori to walk their dog. When Lori first came over to get acquainted with my dog, Stella, and for me to fill out the necessary paperwork, I knew right away she was a perfect fit. Not only is she extremely professional, it is clear she's a true animal lover. Our Stella is a big, hyper, pit mix who we adopted and requires much patience at times! Lori was not phased by Stella and her big personality which sealed the deal for me. I am a night shift nurse and my husband travels frequently so there are many nights we need Lori to come by to let her out. Lori will send me a detailed text on how the visit went while I'm working to let me know all is well and the house is locked up. It is so nice to have peace of mind at work knowing your fur baby is happy, safe, and well taken care of. I trust Lori 100% and would definitely recommend Love Your Pup to a friend. I also take advantage of the waste removal services they offer. They come the same day/time each week and thoroughly clean my yard which is a huge help with our day to day busy schedules.


Michael L.

Winter Park, FL.

The ladies at Love Your Pup are so great! The owner, Lori is very responsive and flexible to shifting schedules, even on short notice. Either Lori or Jonae come to play with/walk our dogs and they are both really good with them, you can tell they are animal lovers.

They text an update of how everything went after each session, without fail. They even include super cute pictures now and then, which always brightens my day at the office. They do a combo walk and play/fetch session in the back yard to make sure they get plenty of exercise and stimulation. They even take them in the pool (which they asked if that would be OK beforehand) sometimes and dry them off.

One of our dogs is quite naughty and sometimes brings in sticks from the yard to destroy inside, which they not only let us know about, but also clean up just a bit to make sure the pups don't continue to make and even bigger mess or get hurt by eating things they shouldn't.

Finally, Lori even made us the cutest drink coasters with pictures of our pups on them for Christmas! I'm not sure you will find that kind of service and caring anywhere else.

Orlando dog walker

Tina K.

Winter Springs, FL.

The poop removal service is efficient, timely, & professionally done. One time I had my dogs out in the yard & your staff person came to my door, rang my doorbell, introduced herself, & politely/professionally asked me to take my dogs inside. All my contacts with this company have been pleasant & professional. I would recommend your services to everyone!


Lynn A.

Oviedo, FL.

We are so thankful to have found Love Your Pup! Our 2 labs, Heidi and Lulu, absolutely LOVE Lori and Jonay - sometimes a little too much! They do a great job of wearing our younger 1 year old pup out and also giving extra attention to our senior girl. I love that they send text updates and pictures of our happy pups! I trust that our pups are well taken care of and would definitely recommend them!


Abigail S.

Oviedo, FL.

We have been using Love Your Pup dog walking services for the past year, and have been extremely pleased. Our dogs LOVE Jonay and run to her with excitement every time she comes over, which clearly indicates they are well treated and cared for while in her care. Jonay or Lori have always arrived as planned and text us a status update when we are at work (how the walk went, if the dogs have been fed, etc). Jonay even took initiative to work with one of our dogs on loose leash walking! While we do have a set schedule of day and times for dog walking, Love Your Pup has been flexible with us when we've needed additional dog walking; specifically, when I was in the hospital for 10 days and needed dog walking daily including weekends. I would highly recommend Love Your Pup!

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Paige S.

Orlando, FL.

Love your pup is a great service for those who are not home much to walk their dogs during the day. Lori and her team are so sweet and helpful. I would sometimes be in a crunch where I needed her help same day or within 24 hours and she would always make it work or offer me advice to help. She really treated my pups like family. On her visits she would send text updates about how my dogs were doing and even send pictures. These updates really made my day and gave me ease of mind that my dogs were getting the best care. I highly recommended love your pup!!!

IMG_2323 (3).jpg

Allison T.

Orlando, FL.

I used Lori for a long time when I first moved to the Lake Nona area. She came over to visit and my dogs loved her. She was comfortable being at my apartment and walking them. I have two big dogs and German Shepherd and a Pit Hound mix. I was working crazy at hours at work and Lori never had a problem coming over last minute. Lori was amazing! And she would always text me or send me a picture of the pups before she would leave. Lori is a life saver!!!

FullSizeRender (6).jpg

Bonnie L.

Orlando, FL.

Love Your Pup is simply the best pet care service around. Lori is patient with our Sandi's very special needs. We had tried two walkers before her and Sandi wouldn't have it. Lori and Love Your Pup have the golden touch! She is flexible, has excellent rapport with us and gets our pup's wiggles out rain or shine and makes him feel very loved.


Vonda S.

Oviedo, FL.

Allie loves Lori and Jonay.  Allie is a very active Goldendoodle puppy, and needs special attention since she is so young and "in-training". They not only walk Allie, but also work with her while out on walks. We saw an immediate difference in her behavior because they enforce what we're working on with her training.  I can't think of anyone I trust more than Lori and Jonay with our precious girl...I highly recommend Love Your Pup!

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